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This month I want to share with you a great article by Jim Rohn. He shares                                                          what is the greatest gift we can share with others and ourselves. Seeing how                                                             we are getting through the season of giving, I thought this would be a fitting                                                               article for all of you to read. Enjoy!


 The Best Gift to Give Yourself and Others, by Jim Rohn

 I’m often asked the question, "How can I best help my children, spouse, fami- ly member, staff member, friend, etc., improve/change?" In fact, that might be the most frequently asked question I receive, "How can I help change some- one else?"


My answer often comes as a surprise, and here it is. The key to helping others is to help yourself first. In other words, the best contribution I can make to someone else is my own personal development. If I become 10 times wiser, 10 times stronger, think of what that will do for my adventure as a father... as a grandfather... as a business colleague.


The best gift I can give to you, really, is my ongoing personal development. Getting better, getting stronger, becoming wiser. I think parents should pick this valuable philosophy up. If the parents are okay, the kids have an excellent chance of being okay. Work on your personal development as parents—that’s the best gift you can give to your children.


If you have ever ridden in an airplane, then you might have noticed the oxygen compartment located above every seat. There are explicit instructions that say, "In case of an emergency, first secure your own oxygen mask and then if you have children with you, secure their masks." Take care of yourself first... then assist your children. If we use that same philosophy throughout our whole parental life, it would be so valuable.


If I learn to create happiness for myself, my children now have an excellent chance to be happy. If I create a unique lifestyle for myself and my spouse, that will be a great example to serve my children. Self-development enables you to serve, to be more valuable to those around you; for your child... your business... your colleague... your community... your church.


That’s why I teach development skills. If you keep refining all the parts of your character (yourself, your health, etc.) so that you become an attractive person to the marketplace, you’ll attract opportunity. Opportunity will then begin to seek you out. Your reputation will begin to precede you and people will want to do business with you. All of that possibility is created by working on the philosophy that success is something you attract by continually working on your own personal development.


Dedicated to your Success,


Master Spoth



Dedicated to your Success,


Master Spoth








Fructose is often described as a “real” sugar and, therefore, much more beneficial to your body than glucose or “regular sugar.” Table sugar (sucrose) is process by your body to become glucose, as are many other more complex sugars and carbohydrates. Is fructose better for your body than other sugars?


I always thought that fructose was better for you, based on the lesser effect it has on insulin/blood sugar. (That is why fruit sugar is acceptable to people with impaired insulin response.) I’ve also always been a big fan of whole foods, so I’ve always preferred foods with natural sugar. This is true, but the incredible amount of high-fructose corn syrup that are found in many foods is causing researchers to scrutinize fructose more closely.


New research may link fructose to the current increased rates of obesity. The research doesn’t say that eating fruit leads to obesity. Rather, high-fructose corn syrup is the culprit. In recent years, the average American’s consumption of added sugars has increased to almost 2.5 times the recommended daily limit. Almost half of that increase comes from high-fructose corn syrup. Most of this intake is in the form of sweetened beverages.


You may ask, “Why is fructose a problem when it is supposed to be “better” than “regular” sugar.

Recent research suggests that the problem might be related to fructose’s effect on ghrelin, a body chemical which is associated with increased hunger. Glucose and mixed-carbohydrate meals suppress ghrelin, which may account for the short-term satiating effect of carbohydrates, whereas fructose suppresses hunger to a much lesser degree. Fructose ingestion also favors lipogenesis (creation of fat stores). In addition, fructose cannot enter brain cells as glucose can, so your body still needs to take in glucose to fuel your brain.


Beverages sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup could be making you eat more because they aren’t making you feel full! Furthermore, they are loaded with empty calories and the additional calories are probably becoming fat. Your “take home lesson is: Avoid pre-sweetened beverages. Instead, drink water or other unsweetened beverages. My personal favorite is fresh brewed tea!